​How to Apply to the Shasta College Dorm 


Students do not need to be enrolled at Shasta College to be placed on the waitlist. However, you must be enrolled in a minimum of twelve (12) units and maintain a 2.0 GPA to live in the dorms once school begins. All dorm residents are set up on a 10-month contract (lease agreement) from August to May. In some circumstances it is necessary for a student to only attend one semester. Students must contact the Housing Coordinator, Steve Cross, for any exceptions.

Students are advised to apply early to be placed on the waiting list. Due to the limited space, you should submit a reservation form at least six (6) months prior to the semester you plan to attend. You can always call and check availability.

To be placed on the waitlist, you will need to submit a reservation form along with a $200 refundable security deposit (check or money order). There’s no risk, if you have a change in plans or don’t get a spot, the deposit is freely refundable. Financial Aid cannot be used to make your $200 deposit. The deposit must be made up front.  The $200 deposit is not applied toward your dorm fees. The deposit remains in an account until you’re finished living on campus or you decide to be removed from the waitlist.

CLICK HERE for Reservation Form

Mail reservation form and refundable deposit to;
Shasta College Dormitories
19733 Shasta College Drive
Redding, CA 96003

Toward the end of May we will know how many new students we can take. If you get a spot, you will be contacted to confirm your intention to live in the dorms. You will be mailed a packet of information that needs to be returned by mid-July, along with the appropriate payment. 

You will need to complete and return the following documents;

Contract (License for Use of Housing Facilities)
Community Guidelines Acknowledgement
Key Contract
Emergency Contact Information
e-CHUG Certificates
e-TOKE Certificates​​