Crime/Incident Log June 2013





 June 1, 2013 (Sat) No Reported Crimes or Incidents  Main Campus  
 June 2, 2013 (Sun) No Reported Crimes or Incidents  Main Campus  
 June 3, 2013 (Mon) 1000 Theft Main Campus Bldg 2700 Report taken of Equipment Theft
 June 4, 2013 (Tue) 1631 Injury  HSUC W/M Scratched face, fell took place off campus. Assistance rendered.
 June 5, 2013 (Wed) 2030 Found Wallet  HSUC Wallet found by steps leading to garage.
​June 5, 2013 (Wed) 2105 Suspicious Person​ 1400​ Building ​Report of a suspicious WMA who was loitering by the 1400 building. Subject contacted and admonished. Subject was asked to leave campus. Report was filed.
​June 6, 2013 (Thurs) 1629 Suspicious Person​ HSUC​ Report of a suspicious WMA who was loitering around the Dental Hygiene area. Officer responded and the subject was unable to locate. Information logged.​
​June 7, 2013 (Fri) 0000 No Reported Crimes or Incidents ​Main Campus
​June 8, 2013 (Sat) 1222 Alarm ​ ​300 Building Alarm company called in alarm  in the 300 building. Found to be accidental re-set by staff.​
​June 8, 2013 (Sat) 1321 Skateboard Violation​ ​Football Stadium ​Report of subjects skateboarding and scootering in stadium. Subjects were contacted and admonished.
June 9, 2013 (Sun) ​No Reported Crimes or Incidents
​June 10, 2013 (Mon) 1208 ​Alarm ​2000 Building ​Alarm company called in a alarm in the 2000 building. Found to be accidental and re-set by staff.
​June 11, 2013 (Tues) 0935 Vehicle Collision (Non-Injury)​ 100 Building Parking Lot​ Report of a driver hitting a parked car. Officer and RP responded to area of accident. Damage to the vehicle was assessed and ​CHP was contacted. Both parties exchanged info and CHP report was taken.
​June 11, 2013 (Tues) 1759 Theft 1200 Building​ Report of a theft from the Industrial Ed Department. Report was taken. ​
​June 11, 2013 (Tues) 2140 Burglary 1300 Parking Area​ Report of a burglary to a vehicle. Officer responded. RPD and Campus Safety report filed.​
​June 12, 2013 (Wed) ​No reported crimes or incidents
​June 13, 2013 (Thurs) 1440 ​Missing person ​100 building ​Report of a missing juvenile. Subject was located in the 800 building and returned to parents.

​June 14, 2013 (Fri)1005

​Suspicious Person​ (s)

​East Main Campus ​Older, white GMC parked at Garden Gate. A female and male were contacted in reference to school policy on loitering and the walking of dogs on campus.
​June 15, 2013 (Sat) ​No reported crimes or incidents
​June 16, 2013 (Sun) ​No reported crimes or incidents
​June 17, 2013 (Mon)1156 Disturbance​ 100 Building​ Report of a disturbance at Financial Aid. Officers responded and ​admonished the subject on intimidation and verbal disruptions. Information report was filed. RPD had been contacted by employee but Shascom was contacted and advised to cancel officers route.
​June 17, 2013 (Mon) 1558 ​Graffiti ​HSUC Campus Report of graffiti written on an HSUC bench outside the building. Information was logged and graffiti team notified for clean up.​
​June 17, 2013 (Mon) 1758 ​Vehicle Burglary HSUC​ Campus Report of a vehicle burglary in the downtown parking structure by subject. After contact, subject decided not to file report. Information was logged.​
​June 17, 2013 (Mon) 1925 Thefts​ 1800 Building​ ​Reports of two separate thefts that took place in the female locker room. both crimes took place on different dates but parties reported both tonight. Separate reports taken.
​June 18, 2013 (Tues) 0745 Vehicle Burglary​ Off Campus​ Officer located a vehicle parked off Old Oregon Trail that had been burglarized. Registered Owner was notified and report was filed with Shasta County Sheriffs Department and Campus Safety.​
​June 18, 2013 (Tues) 0800 Burglary​ 300 Building​ Report was filled of a burglary of an office. Report was filed with RPD and Campus Safety​.

​June 18, 2013 (Tues) 1050

Theft and Vehicle Tampering​ 2700 Building​ Report was filed of a vehicle having the gas syphoned. ​
​June 19, 2013 (Wed) 1008 Suspicious Incident ​1300 Building Report of a W/M with a head injury. It was determined the W/M was a EMS student not injured. The EMS class was conducting training.
​June 20, 2013 (Thurs) ​No Reported Crimes or Incidents
​June 21, 2013 (Fri) 1530 ​Suspicious Person ​Main Campus 100 Bldg ​W/M and W/F reported in the area while the 100 building. They were advised of school closure and operating hours.
​June 21, 2013 (Fri) 2030 ​Missing Person ​Main Campus Track ​W/F Juvenile located on campus. It was determined she was a runaway. Returned to gaurdains.
​June 22, 2013 (Sat) ​No Reported Crimes or Incidents
​June 23, 2013 (Sun) ​No Reported Crimes or Incidents
​June 24, 2013 1118 (Mon) ​Attempted Vehicle Burglary ​700 Bldg. Parking Lot ​Report was filed with Campus Safety on a attempted burglary of an vehicle.
​June 24, 2013 (Mon)1615 ​Suspicious Incident ​Old Oregon and Collyer Drive ​Report of possible stolen wire and a lost wallet was located. The wire rubber/steel hose left from possible road construction. Wallet returned to owner.
​June 24, 2013 (Mon) 1700 ​Hit and Run ​Tehama Campus ​Report was filed with Campus Safety on a hit and run (stop sign).
​June 25, 2013 (Tues) 0830 ​Vandalism ​2600 Bldg ​Report of an exterior chain-link fence being cut. Report filed with Campus Safety.
​June 25, 2013 (Tues) 1629 ​Reckless Driving ​2600 Bldg. Parking Lot ​W/M contacted for failing to turn in a safe manner. The subject was advised of school policy.
​June 25, 2013 (Tues) 1635 ​Motor Vehicle Crash ​2600 Bldg Parking Lot ​W/M operating a Ford truck struck a steel handicap sign. No damage to vehicle, but sign needed repair.
​June 25, 2013 (Tues) 2229 ​Loitering ​Campus Parking Lot ​7 subjects were contacted after hours in the parking lot. They were advised of Campus hours and asked to leave.
​June 26, 2013 (Wed) 1349 ​Aggressive Driver ​Campus Parking Lot ​W/F reported that she was the victim of an aggressive driver (road rage) on the campus parking lot. CHP contacted and Campus Safety identifed the individual invovled. Report taken.
​June 27, 2013 (Thurs) ​No Reported Crimes or Incidents
​June 28, 2013 (Fri) ​No Reported Crimes or Incidents
​June 29, 2013 (Sat) ​No Reported Crimes or Incidents
​June 30, 2013 (Sun) ​No Reported Crimes or Incidents