Campus Safety Contacts:

 In an emergency dial 911
Campus Safety (530) 242-7910, Room 5015
Campus Safety Director:  Lonnie Seay (530) 242-7912                                       
Campus Safety Officer II: Craig Richie (530) 242-7916
Campus Safety Officer I:  Heather Rossi (530) 242-7914 
                                         William Anderson (530) 242-7914
                                         Joe Trompczynski (530) 242-7914
                                         Tehama morning: Kody Turner (530) 242-7910
                                         Tehama evening: Wes Blair (530) 242-7910
                                         HSUP morning: Michael Booth (530) 339-3632
                                         HSUP evening: Nate Topete (530) 339-3632
Multi-site Officers:            Tim Larios (530)
                                         Jamie Schmidt (530) 242-7910​
                                         Rich Nance (530) 242-7910​
                                         Adam Zamudio (530) 242-7910​
                                         Lorne Atwood (530) 242-7910
                                        Jake Lindsey (530) 242-7910

Parking Enforcement Officer: Patricia Carver (530) 242-7915
Senior Staff Secretary: Andrea Brown (530) 242-7913
Compliance Coordinator and Shasta CARES Program Director: Jessica Ballard (530) 242-7917
Any member of the college community may make confidential report by calling the confidential phone line
(530) 242-7919. 
Where a caller requests that their name or other identifiable information not be shared or that no formal action be taken, the College will balance this request with its dual obligation to provide a safe and non‐discriminatory environment for all College community members and to remain true to principles of fundamental fairness that require notice and an opportunity to respond before action is taken. In making this determination, the College may consider the seriousness of the conduct, the respective ages and roles of the parties involved, whether there have been other complaints or reports of harassment or misconduct against the Respondent, and the rights of the Respondent to receive notice and relevant information before disciplinary action is sought.
For more information on confidential reporting including the online reporting form, please visit the link below: