Campus Safety Policies 

The policies and procedures listed below affect the health and wellness of students, faculty, 
staff and visitors of  the Shasta-Trinity-Tehama Joint School District and are within the guidelines of the Jeanne Clery Act. By clicking on a board policy, you will be redirect to the board policy Web page.
Ref. Policy #      Content
BP3500            Campus Safety
BP3515            Reporting of Crimes
BP3520            Local Law Enforcement
BP3530            Weapons on Campus, also see AP3530
BP3540            Sexual and Other Assaults On Campus

BP3551          Student Drug and Alcohol Testing and Criminal Background Checks, also see AP3551
BP3560            Alcoholic Beverages also see AP3560     
BP5520            Student Discipline, also see AP5520
BP7600            Campus Security Officers, Reference: Education Code Section 72330.5

Campus Safety Policies

CS102              CS102.pdf102 Emergency Notification and Timely Warnings.pdf
CS104              CS104.pdf104 Special Event Risk Assessment.pdf
CS107              CS107.pdf107 Crime Prevention Programs.pdf
CS108              CS108.pdf108 Voluntary Confidential Reporting.pdf  
CS109              CS109.pdf109 Stalking Prevention, Awareness and Reporting.pdf  
CS110              CS110.pdf110 Addressing and Responding to Sex Offenses.pdf
CS111              CS111.pdf111 Sex Offender Registration.pdf  
CS112             CS112.pdf112 Bystander Intervention.pdf
CS113             CS113 Protective Measures.pdf113 Protective Measures.pdf