Reporting Crimes and Suspicious Activity

In an emergency dial 911

After calling 911, call Campus Safety (530) 242-7910 when practical to do so

Voluntary or Confidential reports may be made by calling (530) 242-7919.Campus Security Authorities (CSA's) may use the confidential report Campus Security Authority Incident Report (CSAIRS) link:


You may also report a crime by calling 242-7910 or by coming to the main Campus Safety office in room 5015. 

How Can We Assist You?

If you are a victim of a crime, victim of harassment, or witness suspicious activity on any Shasta College campus, reporting a crime is beneficial to you, your family, the community, the school campus, and may help prevent future crimes.
Shasta College students, staff and visitors are encouraged to report any criminal activity to Campus Safety or to a Campus Security Authority (CSA): Athletic Department, Health and Wellness, Shasta College Deans, Vice President of Student Services, Student Housing Director, or Title IX Coordinator.
What is a Crime?
A crime is an act committed or omitted in violation of a law forbidding it.  Such as:
·   Crimes against person or property.
·   Drug or alcohol offenses.
·   Motor vehicle offenses.
How To Report a Crime?
In an emergency: Immediately call 911
A person can report a crime by:
·   Telephone - Call Campus Safety 242-7910 or Confidential Report Line 242-7919
·   Report in person room 5015 or by phone to a law enforcement agency.
·   If you are a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault, you can report it anonymously at oneSAFEplace (530) 244-0117.
·   If you are victim who is a minor, you may have another person report the crime for you.
What To Include in a Report?
When reporting a crime, try to write down everything that took place as soon as possible.  This will provide law enforcement with as much accurate information as possible.
Specifics such as:
·   Is medical attention required?
·   Were weapons involved?
·   Where did the incident occur?
·   Who is involved? If you don’t know who it was, provide descriptive information; clothing, sex, weight, height, color of hair, eyes, skin, and any scars, marks or tattoos.