The Shasta College Foundation is proud to partner with The McConnell Foundation and KIXE Channel 9 to bring the community an unprecedented opportunity. We are offering a Community Speaker Series for FREE! Our goal is to bring in speakers that can help give back, and better our community

The Community Speaker Series is a joint effort by the Shasta College Foundation, The McConnell Foundation and KIXE Channel 9, designed to inspire, excite and challenge the communities they serve with fresh ideas and perspectives on education, our community and our environment.  The Community Speaker Series revitalizes a rich tradition of bringing highly regarded and historical figures to the local area to help deepen discussions and inspire positive activism on a local level for issues with global relevance.  The events are free and open to the community.  Both foundations have devoted much to education and community welfare in the North State and are excited to work together for the communities they serve.

Upcoming Speaker

Benjamin Madley​

Past Speakers

Please click on the names to read more about our past speakers. 

Ninive Calegari