Previous Sponsored Events and Projects


Community Teaching Garden: From 2009 until 2012, the Foundation was a proud sponsor of the Shasta College Community Teaching Garden. The certified organic teaching garden was under the direction of instructor Pamela Spoto, and produced a wide variety of heirloom vegetables and herbs that were seasonally sold in CSA boxes and at a special booth in the quad. The garden supplied the cafeteria with organic vegetables and donated to local food banks each week. The teaching garden offered over 33 workshops on various topics including “Hot Weather Gardening,” “Canning From the Garden,” “Insect Management,” “Backyard Chickens and You,” and  “Composting and Worm Culture,” just to name a few. The garden always had a good turnout of community, student and staff volunteers at weekend Work Party Days which always included a homemade lunch after hours of working in the dirt.                           

installing in the wetlands.jpgTrinity Campus Wetlands Trail- Water Gauges: Last October, four water gauges purchased by the Foundation were installed under the direction of Trinity Foundation regent Pat Frost, at the Weaver Basin Wetlands behind our Trinity campus. Foundation staff, regents, and community members joined staff from the Trinity County Resource Conservation District, and the Five Counties Salmonid Restoration Program to install the gauges which will used to measure water depth. These wetlands will be used for hands-on college biology classes. Weaverville Elementary School currently uses the wetlands as part of their fourth grade curriculum.




 Tehama Trial project 2011Tehama Campus Trail: In January 2011, the Foundation, with the help of trail consultant Terry Hanson, secured an $80,000 grant from the California Conservation Corps. to build a 1.1 mile trail around the Tehama Campus. The trail project continues to take shape at a very rapid rate. The initial rough trail has been mostly completed in preparation for the crushed rock base which will be applied soon. The trail looks great and Terry Hanson and the California Conservation Corps. continue to amaze. The Tehama Regents are in the beginning planning stage of a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of the trail.   



Mall BenchCement Tables and Benches on Campus: Since our first order to Outdoor Creations in 2003, we now have 45 tables and benches placed on our campus, purchased primarily from staff and faculty driven donations. These tables and benches are a beautiful addition to our campus, and provide places of community for our students and staff.





Heavy EquipmentHeavy Equipment Program: In June 2009, Scott Thompson and Les Melburg from Nichols, Melburg and Rossetto raised $71,000 from local contractors to save the Heavy Equipment Program. When the word got out that the Heavy Equipment program was in trouble, citizens called and wrote letters saying they wanted to help. It was unbelievable to have this sort of generosity from our local contractors in our community during these difficult economic times.




Stillwater Monitoring StationStillwater Creek Monitoring Station: Faculty member John Livingston has completed stage one of the installation of the monitoring station on Stillwater Creek. Stage two will be the installation of the actual monitoring electronics and solar power and should be completed at the end of May. This part of the project will be done by Morgan Hannaford with the help of Cajun James at Sierra Pacific Industries who donated the instrumentation. This monitoring station is another step toward our goal of state-of-the-art stewardship of Stillwater Creek.





Sponsored Events & Programs
For Faculty, Staff & Students
Art Department’s 2013 Cultural Cruise 1/25/13
(Susan Schimke) Art reception
Dinner with Visiting Artist, Donald Feasel 1/25/13
(Susan Schimke)
GIS Program Outreach Lunch – 2/6/13
(Dan Scollon) Students and members of the GIS professional community
Redding Rancheria Community Fund Grant Program Dinner – 3/2/13
(Eva Jimenez) Fire Sponsor Table
Spanish Artist, Rosana Castrillo Diaz (Show and Installation in our gallery)
(David Gentry) Guest Artist/Assistant Dinner and Lunch 3/2, 3/3/13
Redding Soup Campus Community Meal - 3/8/13
(Justin Babb) Community Connection Sponsorship
Math Department Trimathelon - 3/15/13
(Jennifer McCandless) Lunches for 70 students
Red Bluff Western Heritage Film Festival – 4/12/13
- In conjunction with “Humanities through the Film” Class
(Linda McKay) Tehama campus support
Gospel Music Specialist, Dr. Diane White-Clayton - 4/17/13
(Dr. Liz Waterbury) Shasta College Concert Tour / Gospel Concert
Juror’s Dinner / 63rd Annual Student Show 4/25/13
(Susan Schimke)
Coral Sea Research Vessel – Oceanography Class – 4/27/13
(Randy Reed) Class fundraised $1,065.00
ECE Director Mentor Seminar featuring speaker, Holly Elissa Bruno 4/27/13
(Lorraine Haas/Nadia Elwood) Partial funding /Books for participants
Civic Expo / Great Debate Project – Spring 2013
(Shelly Presnell) Printing $125.00/Student lunches $162.90/Raffle prizes
Invest in Our People “Friday Coffee Social’s” – Spring 2013
(Laura Benson/Roger Gerard) coffee and pastries (offset by donations)
($21.99 + $56.44 – 2/1/13), ($56.44 – 3/11/13), ($39.98 + $56.44 – 4/5/13),
($58.05 – 5/3/13)
(Offset by
President’s Prix de Shasta College Student Art Award – 5/2/13
(Ralph Perrin/John Harper/Susan Schimke) Joe Wyse donated $150.00
Art Faculty Award to Student – 5/2/13
(Ralph Perrin/John Harper/Susan Schimke) Faculty donated $80.00
Napa Valley College’s AB 540 Dreamers Conference – 5/4/13
(Ann Sittig) Transportation for students
Cinco de Mayo Celebration – 5/5/13 (Kevin O’Rorke/Tina Duenas)
Honorariums for performances to:
Corning High School Ballet Folklorico Aztlan $150.00
DJ Hortencia Vera $200.00
“Day of the Teacher” - Breakfast for Faculty – 5/9/13
(Laura Benson)
CEA Days - Breakfast for Classified Employees – 5/13/13
(Laura Benson)
Math and English Tutor Center “Cram Night” - 5/15 & 5/16, 2013
(Teresa Doyle) Refreshments for students
Stream Gauges for Trinity Campus Wetlands – 5/30/13
(Regent Pat Frost)
Shasta Symphony Summer Percussion Workshop – 6/10-13 & 17-20 (2013)
(Ralph Perrin / Dwayne Corbin) Simpson University Collaborative
Trinity High Athletic Booster Club Banner – 7/9/13
(Trinity Regent Molly Contos) Foundation visibility/support in Trinity County
Flex Day Staff Breakfast – 8/16/13
(Meridith Randall) Asphalt Cowboy Breakfast (President Wyse paid $150.00)
Vocal Institute Guest Tenor, Gerald Seminatore – 8/19/13
(Liz Waterbury)
“Welcome Day” – 8/28/13
(Tina Duenas) Radio advertising $150.00, linens and balloons
Tutor Retreat – Lunch and snacks for tutors - 8/31/13
(Teresa Doyle)
Invest in Our People “Friday Coffee Social’s” – Fall 2013
(Laura Benson/Roger Gerard) coffee and pastries (offset by donations)
($56.44 9/6/13, $58.05 10/4/13, $56.44 11/1/13, $58.05 12/1/13)
Patterson-Tutschka Art Reception – 9/18/13
(Ralph Perrin/ACSS) New art faculty art show and reception
Weaver Basin 50k Race - 10/5/13
(Ken Hill) Co-sponsorship of race / community connection
Triple Bogey Golf Tournament – 10/13/13
(Brad Banghart/James Crandall) Employee golf scramble water bottles
Coral Sea Research Vessel – Oceanography Class – 10/18/13
(Randy Reed) Fall field trip / Class fundraised $885.00
Musician Angelina Contreras – French Horn musician/clinician putting on horn clinic, rehearse w/our Symphony, perform at concert
(Ralph Perrin/Dwayne Corbin) 11/2/13
Civic Expo / Great Debate Project – 11/7 & 11/8, 2013
(Shelly Presnell) Civic Expo - $250.00 / Great Debate - $250.00
Math and English Tutor Center “Cram Night” - 12/12/13
(Teresa Doyle) Refreshments for students
Coffee, Tea and Cookies during finals week in the Library – Fall 2013
(Will Breitbach) for students
Total Foundation Funded for 2013