Advisory Committee

The District Faculty and Staff Diversity Advisory Committee is established as an advisory body to the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer and the District as a whole to promote understanding and support of equal employment policies and procedures. The Committee shall assist in developing and implementing the Plan in compliance with state and federal statues, regulations and guidelines, monitoring equal employment opportunity, and providing revisions to the Plan as appropriate. To the extent possible, the membership of the Committee shall include people of diverse backgrounds, including ethnic minorities, women, and persons with disabilities. The Committee includes:

  • Two representatives of the classified staff recommended by CSEA
  • Two faculty representatives recommended by the Academic Senate
  • Two administrators appointed by the Superintendent/President
  • One student recommended by the Student Senate
  • Six faculty or staff members: one each recommended by the faculty and staff of each Instructional Division.
  • Additional members from the community-at-large from underrepresented groups may be appointed by the Superintendent/President.

Committee Members shall serve three-year terms on a rotating basis to provide continuity to the Committee from year to year. The Superintendent shall annually appoint the Chair or Co-Chairs of the Committee from among the campus committee members.

Functions of the Faculty and Staff Diversity Advisory Committee

The Faculty and Staff Diversity Advisory Committee shall take an active role in developing and implementing the District's Faculty and Staff Diversity Plan. The committee will:

  1. Disseminate information to other members of the District and encourage two-way communication about the Faculty and Staff Diversity Plan.
  2. Assist in promoting an understanding and support of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination policies and procedures.
  3. Maintain liaison among community organizations, minority organizations, women's organizations, disability organizations, and other interested organizations on equal employment opportunity matters.
  4. Assist the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer by communicating diversity as an institutional goal and promoting good hiring practices.
  5. Assess faculty and staff development needs regarding equal employment opportunity; assist in offering courses and training on multicultural issues and upward mobility programs.
  6. Make recommendations to sponsor events or support special activities that promote equal employment opportunity, nondiscrimination, retention, and diversity; assist in planning and implementing such activities.
  7. Maintain and improve communications across campus about diversity issues and encourage diversification of the curriculum.
  8. Support the efforts of the Student Equity Committee in promoting multicultural awareness and sensitivity.
  9. Participate in screening and equal employment opportunity training programs.
  10. Serve in the search process as Equal Employment Opportunity Representatives for openings for faculty, administrators and classified staff. In that role, ensure that candidates are evaluated for their sensitivity to, and understanding of, the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability and ethnic backgrounds of community college students.
  11. As an Equal Employment Opportunity Representative, monitor the search process to ensure compliance with the Faculty and Staff Diversity Plan and the Guide to Employee Selection handbook.
  12. Review and make recommendations to the administration regarding outreach efforts and recruitment standards.
  13. Assist in the tenure review and peer review process for faculty and administrator's evaluations which address the demographics of the District and sensitivity to diverse needs of students to enhance quality and excellence in teaching.