Part-Time Faculty FAQs



         How am I paid?

Part-time teachers are paid for actual clock hours scheduled to teach.  Counselors/Librarians are paid for hours worked.  Payment for general scheduled and unscheduled/preparation activities are built into the salary schedule, as such, there is no funding for prep time (unless you qualify for the office hours program, #6 below).

      When will I get paid for the courses I teach?
If you are teaching a full-term course(s), you will be paid in five equal installments. If you are teaching a short-term course, you will be paid for that course in installments that are determined by how many month(s) over which the course spans over.
a. ENGL 1A – 03/14/2010-05/10/2010 – will be paid in 3 equal installments on approximately April 10, May 10th, and June 10th.
b. MATH 101 – 04/30/2010-05/28/2010 – will be paid in 2 equal installments on approximately May 10th and June 10th.
Your pay advices, stipends, W-2’s and other forms can be found online by logging in to your MyShasta account and clicking the MyShasta for Faculty link.

      Do I earn sick leave?
Yes, hourly faculty accrue sick leave at the rate of .06 hours earned for every 1 hour paid. You may view your sick leave balance and leave calendar by logging into your MyShasta account.   If you are a part-time instructor, you can only use your sick leave for your hours that you are scheduled to teach.  If you are a part-time counselor/librarian, you may only use your sick time to address an immediate need. 

          I am full-time faculty and teach overload; do I earn sick leave on my overload courses?
Yes, you accrue sick leave on your overload courses. It is kept in a sick leave bank separate from sick leave accrued through your full-time contract coursework, and is NOT included in the leave totals shown in MyShasta, or those appearing on your pay advices. You will be notified of your overload sick leave balance twice a year. 


      Do I earn vacation?
Faculty do not accrue and are not entitled to vacation leave.

      Am I eligible for office hours?
Only courses that have a lecture component and are a 3-unit minimum are available for office hour payment (up to two eligible courses). Your Hourly Faculty Technician will notify you early in the semester if you are eligible. In order to be paid, you will need to return your completed Office Hour Verification Form signed by your Dean no later than the end of the semester. Full-time faculty are not eligible for office hours.

      How often do I have to get a TB test? What if I teach only online courses?
Law requires that you have a TB test every four years. The Hourly Faculty Technician will notify you when you are due for your test. Results of your reading must be submitted to the Hourly Faculty Technician. If you teach only online courses, and have NO contact with students, you may submit a declaration stating so via email to:

How do I know if I qualify for mileage reimbursement?
The Academic Master Contract Agreement reads as follows:

"Adjunct faculty shall be paid for travel to their class or classes for mileage beyond 45 miles round trip with a maximum number of 80 paid miles. The distance is measured from city center to city center."

Please view your contract to see if your classes are eligible for mileage.  If you qualify for mileage under the language, you will receive a mileage invoice that you will need to verify and sign and return to the Hourly Faculty Technician in order to process your reimbursement.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Shasta College Human Resources Office
Veronica Chaves, Hourly Faculty Technician
Phone: (530) 242-7642
Fax: (530) 225-4990