Email Outage Informational Update

(Posted: 6/26/13 2:00 PM)

Recently the Shasta College email server failed primarily due to overloaded capacity. Consequently, Information Services & Technology was required to upgrade our email server hardware and software. Unfortunately, there have been some unforeseen technical difficulties with accessing email remotely, and are associated with migrating our email accounts from the old server to the new one. Following is a status update and some additional guidance to assist in working around the difficulties.

Status Update

One of the problems (also related to the email server failure) is due to the large volumes of email (incl. attachments) within some employees' inboxes, which slows down the upgrade process significantly. Consequently, only 80% of the email accounts have been migrated so far. If you cannot access your email remotely, then your account has not been migrated yet, and you may be able to access your email on the old server via the following link: click here.

How Can I Reduce My Inbox Size to Help with the Migration?

If you have access to a computer on-campus with Microsoft Outlook installed, follow the steps in the link(s) below to archive your email. Archiving will move the email from your account to a file on your computer’s C: or H: drive. You can still search and open your archived email later.

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2007

I Get an Error Message about a “Security Certificate”

This is a temporary known internal issue. It is safe to proceed in order to display the normal online email screen.

I Stopped Receiving Shasta College Email through my Smartphone Email Accounts

We are aware of the issue, though we don’t have a specific resolution at this time since some smartphones continue to work fine after the upgrade/migration. You may still be able to access your email through the web browser on your smartphone instead by going to the Faculty / Staff Resources page on the Shasta College website (