Administrative Computing Services supplies VPN access to the districts network for district owned assets only. If you have been assigned a Shasta College laptop and would like to use the VPN solution, please contact the helpdesk.

VPNs Connect Offices, Users, and Partners
With SSL and IPsec virtual private networks (VPNs), businesses can securely connect remote offices and remote users using cost-effective, third-party Internet access rather than expensive dedicated WAN links or long-distance remote dial links.

Organizations can reduce WAN bandwidth costs while increasing connectivity speeds by using high-bandwidth Internet connectivity, such as DSL, Ethernet, and cable, and securing it with encrypted IPsec or SSL VPN tunnels.

VPNs provide the highest possible level of security through encryption and authentication technologies that protect data traversing the VPN from unauthorized access. Organizations can take advantage of the easy-to-provision Internet infrastructure to quickly add new sites or users, and can dramatically increase the reach of their networks without significantly expanding infrastructure.

VPNs Extend Security for Remote Users
SSL and IPsec VPNs have become the primary solution for connecting remote offices, remote users, and business partners, because they:

  • Provide secure communications with access rights tailored to individual users, such as employees, contractors, or partners
  • Enhance productivity by extending corporate network and applications
  • Reduce communications costs and increases flexibility