Shasta College SharePoint Training

SharePoint Tutorials

  1. Login to SharePoint (on campus, staff network only)
  2. Add a New Page
  3. Edit a Page
  4. Edit the Site Menu (aka the green "tabs" on the left of your site)
  5. Editing Tools (e.g. formatting text, inserting images and links)
  6. Table Tools (inserting and formatting tables)
  7. Picture Tools (inserting and formatting images, also see "Resizing Images" tutorial below)
  8. Link Tools (inserting links to pages or documents, bookmarks)
  9. Page Tools (e.g. check-in, publish, preview, version history)
  10. Create an HTML Form
  11. Upload a New Version of an Existing Document
  12. Upload Multiple Documents (Internet Explorer only)
  13. SiteAnalytics.pdfSite Analytics (statistical reports on visits to your site)
  14. Add an Event to the SC Events Calendar
  15. Insert a YouTube Video (or JavaScript Widget)
    (please review any JavaScript widgets with Webmaster before inserting)
  16. HTML Cleanup Tool Tutorial (Video)  (HTML Cleanup Tool 2.0 Link)
    Version 2.0 cleans up tables, checks for <h1> tag, and checks for Section 508 compliance.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Display Page Title in Pages Library List View (issue: only page "number" or "ID" displays)
  2. Resizing Images
  3. Can't Edit Site Menu / Save Menu Item (How to Fix)