Information Services and Technology Support

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The Information Technology (I.T.) Department has been reorganized over the last couple of years. The reorganization acknowledges the importance of information technology to all district units. The main goal of the reorganization is to help improve the quality of the student experience, support excellence in teaching and learning, enhance administrative productivity and quality, and use technology to enhance personal productivity. Information Systems (IS) and Technology Support (TS) are the two departments that make up the Information Technology Department.

Technology Support Department
  • Staff Help Desk
  • Classroom & Lab Support
  • Office Technology Devices
  • Video Conferencing/ITV Support
  • AV - Public Events


Information Systems Department

  • Email Services
  • User Accounts
  • MyShasta/Colleague
  • Phone/Voicemail
  • Network/Internet
  • Document/Storage
  • Web Servic​es​​