​​Learning Outcomes Assessment Cycle

In Fall 2016, Shasta College adopted a 2-year learning outcomes cycle, a modification of our previous cycle in which faculty were required to assess/reflect/implement change in their courses each semester. The modified cycle is comprised of a full year of course assessment (Year 1: Assessment) followed by a full year of reflection and implementation of change (Year 2: Reflection). Each cycle year, the SLO Coordinator and SLO Committee will provide structure and support for the successful completion of learning outcomes by sponsoring related workshops, answering questions, and directing faculty to relevant resources.

This modification to our SLO cycle has been approved by both the SLO Committee and the Academic Senate and will allow substantial time for Shasta College employees who assess learning outcomes to reflect upon the results of their learning outcomes assessments, dialog with others, and implement changes to their practice as necessary.

Generally, the 2-year cycle will begin with an assessment year. However, in response to faculty feedback on the learning outcome process, we will begin the 2-year cycle in 2016-17 with Year 2: Reflection. 

Here is a brief sample of the rotation for upcoming years:

  • 2016-17, Year 2: Reflection. 
    • "Close the loop" on 2015-16 course assessments by reflecting (individually and/or in dialog with other instructors) on your SLO results for all courses you taught in that academic year. 
  • 2017-18, Year 1: Assessment
    • Assess all courses taught in 2017-18. Document assessments in Improve, up to and including "Application of Results."
  • 2018-19, Year 2: Reflection
    • "Close the loop" on 2017-18 course assessments by reflecting (individually and/or in dialog with other instructors) on your results for all courses your taught in that academic year. Document this reflection utilizing the resources on the Reflection Year 2018-2019​ tab.
  • 2019-20, Year 1: Assessment
  • 2020-21, Year 2: Reflection