​​​Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

​Each degree or certifcate program must have a comprehensive list of Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) describing the skills gained through successful completion of the program. Each Program Learning Outcome in the comprehensive list is a measurable statement about the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities a student is expected to have upon successful completion of the requirements for the degree or certificate.

See Chapter 4 of the Learning Outcomes Handbook for detailed information on completing each step of the PLO assessment cycle.

5 Steps of PLO Assessment Cycle:

​1. Develop, review, or revise Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)
2a. Develop, review, or revise an assessment method for each PLO
2b. Map PLOs to courses required for the degree or certificate
2c. Map PLOs to ISLOs
3. Assess the PLOs
4. Analyze the assessment results.
5. Apply the results to improve outcomes and then assess the effectiveness of these improvements.