Reflection Year 2018-19 Resources

Final deadline to submit Reflection Year 2018-19 forms is Friday, May 24th (the end of the Spring 2019 semester). We will collect the information on the forms at this link:


Reflection Year 2018-2019 Form (Submit Here)

3 minute video: How to find 2017-2018 assessment results in Nuventive Improve (TracDat)

​A few tips for completing the Reflection Year Forms:

  • Remember that we only need one form per course taught last year, not one form per section.
  • If you are the only faculty member who taught a particular course last year, you’ll need to complete a form for that course.
  • Although faculty are welcome to submit individual forms for each of the courses they taught last year, multi-section courses taught by different faculty members can be reported using only one form. It’s up to your department or area to decide how best to support faculty who want to have conversations and document their reflections for multi-section courses on one form.


Support for the Spring 2019 Reflection Process:

  • You’ll need to review last year’s SLO assessment results as part of the basis for your reflections.
  • Reference this brief video​ if you need help finding last year’s assessment results in Nuventive Improve (formerly TracDat).
  • Kate Ashbey, Sara McCurry, and SLO Committee members will support faculty by hosting “Data Days” in April and May, drop-in sessions where we can assist faculty in finding their 2017-18 assessment results in Improve (formerly TracDat), answering any questions regarding the Reflection Year process, etc. 
    • Thursday April 4th at 4, Library Instruction Center
    • Friday April 5th at 9, Library Instruction Center
    • Friday April 26th at 9, Library Instruction Center
    • Thursday, May 9th at 4, Rm. 811
    • Friday, May 10th at 9, Rm. 811
  • Remember if you are part-time faculty you are eligible for up to 2 hours of paid flex time for SLO work. Submit the Form for Part-time SLO Work to HR. 

Need a General Overview of Learning Outcomes Assessment at Shasta College? 

Institutional Assessment Plan​

If you have additional questions, please contact your SLO Co-Coordinators, Sara McCurry and Kate Ashbey, and we'll be happy to assist.