​​Student Learning O​utcomes (SLOs)​

2-Year SLO​ Cycle:

In Fall 2016, Shasta College adopted a 2-year learning outcomes cycle. This modification allows for a full year of course assessment (Year 1: Assessment) followed by a full year of reflection and implementation of change (Year 2: Reflection). See "Learning Outcomes Assessment Cycle" in the menu to the left for further details. The 2016-17 school year will focus on Year 2: Reflection. Although the timeline for SLO reporting has thus expanded to better accommodate​ time for faculty dialog and implementation of change in individual courses, the reporting of SLOs (via Improve) and the steps of the SLO process remain the same. Please contact the SLO Coordinator​ with any questions.

5 Steps of the SLO Process:

    1. ​Develop, review, or revise course-level Student Learning Outcomes.
    2. Develop, review, or revise an assessment method for each SLO
    3. Assess the SLOs
    4. Analyze the assessment results
    5. Apply the results to improve outcomes and then assess the effectiveness of these improvements

Resources for SLO Process:

Institutional Assessment Plan​

​​​Developing, Reviewing, or Revising SLOs and Assessment Methods:

​Form for Part-Time Faculty SLO Work