2016 Mini-Grant Projects

The following Innovation mini-grant projects received funding in 2016: 

​Project # ​Submitted By ​Project Title ​Description ​Funding Amount
2016-01 ​Mark Blaser ​CELT Advisor ​Advisor/trainer to move CELT beyond a physical location and assist faculty with moving forward on innovative ideas. $​9,520
2016-02 ​Mark Blaser ​Lightboard ​Internally lighted clear whiteboard to record lectures.  Room also required (CELT Center). ​$5,000
2016-03 ​Mark Blaser ​Student-Centered Classroom Technology ​Purchase iPad Pros or similar devices with Apps/case to untether from standard instructor computer.  Will allow for research into lab simulations.  (Combined with 2016-05) ​$3,000
2016-04 ​Will Breitbach ​Experimental Classroom ​Flexible configuration classroom allowing instructors to experiment with different methods of teaching supportive of active learning strategies.  Need location, infrastructure, and technology equipment.  Partial start-up funding. ​$12,300
2016-05 ​Will Breitbach ​Mobile Device Loans ​Purchase mobile devices (8 to 10) that faculty can check out of the Library with long-term, 3 semester loan.  Helps instructor untether from standard classroom computer. (Combined with 2016-03) ​$9,000**

**Funded by other sources.
2016-06 ​Will Breitbach ​Open Educational Resources Incentive (OER) ​15 faculty stipends of $500 each for faculty to transition their courses to an OER textbook model. ​$7,500**

**Funded by other sources.
2016-07 ​Kathryn Cottrell ​Gateway to Kinesiology ​New program focused on high school athletes (at-risk students) in dual enrolled courses entering the Kinesiology program and preparing for transfer. ​$7,358
2016-08 ​Teresa Doyle ​New Faculty Institute ​Formal, week-long planning retreat for faculty and administrators during the summer of 2016 to create an NFI operating on a 3-year cycle.  Stipends for program/curriculum revision. ​$4,000
​2016-09 ​Nelson Espinola, Sonia Randhawa, Nicole McGarry, Becky Renfer ​First Year Survival ​To provide support services for cohorts of first year students.  Provide incentives to join cohort.  This project seeks to expand the program to all first year students (not restricted to students in categorical programs). ​$12,820
2016-11 ​Lorraine Haas, Debbie Whitmer ​Growing Teachers ​Creating a pathway to completion via curriculum changes, recruitment and enrollment services.  Individualized programs of study in ECE to  reduce time in ECE program. ​$16,000
2016-12 ​Trena Kimler-Richards ​Outreach Pathway  Connections ​Two pilot events to connect incoming Ag students and parents to Shasta College.  Mapping from dual enrolled courses through CSU Chico program.  North Coast Pathways consortium collaboration. ​$8,500
2016-21 ​Dan Scollon ​GIS App ​Student development of a mobile APP for navigating campus buildings and related facilities. ​$5,000

​ ​