2017 Mini-Grant Projects

The following Innovation mini-grant projects received funding in 2017: 

​Project # ​Submitted By ​Project Title ​Description ​Funding
2017-01 ​Cliff Gottlieb ​Video Enhancement: Tutorials and Lectures for Online and Hybrid Courses ​Technology hardware and software for the creation of videos of tutorials, lectures and written examples of real time problem solving. ​$2,069
2017-02 ​Cliff Gottlieb ​Online/Hybrid Course Enhancement with Demonstration Videos ​Creation of twenty (20)  508 compliant videos to illustrate important concepts in chemistry. ​$3,712
​2017-04 ​Shelly Presnell, Robb Lightfoot, Michael Trujillo ​Rookie Speech Tournament ​Development of a Rookie Speech Tournament large enough to include all CMST 60 classes and to expand the tournament beyond the confines of Shasta College. ​$12,295
Project 2017-05

Final Report
​Christopher Rodriguez ​North State Campus Camp 2017 (NSCC) ​Retreat and training designed to develop self-empowerment, critical thinking, effective communication, and leadership and community organization that contribute to decreasing the achievement gaps among select equity populations of our students.  Other North State colleges to participate. ​$3,672
2017-06 ​Dan Scollon ​GeoApp Project - Phase 2 ​Continuing development of a GIS-based geo application (GeoApp) that will be accessible to students, staff and community members through cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices.  The GeoApp will provide an interactive map of the Shasta College main campus, and will be designed to allow for customization in support of outreach actrivities and events. ​$5,956
2017-07 ​Tim Shelton, Divan Fard, Randy Bush ​Improving Student Learning Outcomes through Untethered Teaching ​ Enablement of untethered teaching through the use of new technology hardware/software designed to assist faculty with more effectively reaching students and improving productivity.  This technology will enable in-class screencasts to be produced so students have detailed tutorials, explanations, a​nd lectures available through web-based platforms. ​$7,200
2017-08​ ​Joanne Tippin ​Participation in the HTCC (Honor Transfer Council of California) Student Research Conference for California Community Colleges ​Increase participation in the Shasta College Honors Program by giving students the opportunity to participate in the annual HTCC Student Research Conference held each spring at UC Irvine. ​$10,491
2017-09 ​Daniel Valdivia ​Transfer Academy ​Increase transfer rates to the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems through student participation in the Transfer Academy.  ​$15,495