​2018 Mini-Grant Projects

The following proposals have received approval for funding:
(Read each proposal by clicking on the "Project #" listed below.) 
​​Project # Submitted by:​ Department:​ Project Title​ ​Description ​Funding Amount
18MG-1 ​Sandra Hamilton-Slane ​EOPS/
Student Services
Consolidated Academic Mentoring Program (CAMP) ​Tutoring support in content areas not already provided such as Social Science, Humanities, etc. Pilot for proposed AB 1935 legislation. Budget includes a temporary coordinator ​$18,572
18MG-3 ​Leimone
​Online Horticulture Certificate with Distributed Labs - A Scalable Regional Collaboration ​Combine online Sustainable Landscaping and Urban Tree Care certificate courses with regional labs to maximize cost effectiveness and expand program offerings needed for industry certifications.  Includes a 3D scanner to develop a database of plants, trees, irrigation fittings, etc. to create a more dynamic learning environment and reduce materials costs. ​$32, 610
18MG-4 ​Sara McCurry ​SLO Coordinator & Committee/ SLAM ​Program Learning Outcomes Special Projects ​SLO Committee will select 3-4 proposals (total of up to 12 faculty) to assess their PLO's using Meaningful and Manageable Program Assessment by L. Massa and M. Kasimatis. The outcome will be to assist faculty in using PLO's as one method to improve their programs.  ​$6,745
18MG-9 ​Daniel Valdivia ​Transfer Center/ Student Services ​Transfer Posters and Transfer Week ​Transfer week poster series of local students who have transferred to CSU or UC from each Division. Also includes promo items for faculty and staff to promote Shasta College and transfer.  ​$10,000
18MG-11 ​Katie Leach, Jessica Tyson, & Rebecca Osborne ​Library and SLAM ​Virtual Reality ​Virtual reality station for students and faculty to use in the library or for checkout to classrooms.  Project partners with Anatomy Instructors Dr. R. Osborne and Jessica Tyson to integrate VR into their curriculum and assess student learning through VR. ​$3,525
18MG-12 Sara McCurry
Lauren Hollingsworth​
​PEAT ​Shasta College Honors Research Symposium ​Host a SC Honors Program Research Symposium that encourages all honors students to prepare and present a research proposal.  Awards for the top 3 will be sponsorships to attend the Honors Transfer Council of California Community Colleges conference at UC Irvine $4,600
18MG-13 ​Mark Blaser (with support from the Faculty Excellence Committee) ​SLAM  ​Active Learning Classroom Workshop ​Two-day workshop for faculty in developing and implmenting active learning in the classroom.  Costs include M. Blaser staff time and consultant from Univ British Columbia. $2,981
18MG-14 ​Mark Blaser, Divan Fard, Rebecca Osborne, Tim Shelton and Jessica Tyson ​SLAM ​Class set of Tablets to Improve Student Engagement and Learning ​Pilot classroom sets of iPAD's in Chemistry and Biology with 5 different instructors. $20,532
18MG-17 ​Tom Martin and Susan Westler ​BAITS ​Computer Literacy Alignment ​Create new policies/procedures for computer literacy assessment and competency to meet graduation requirements early.  ​$7,000