Hey Knights, figured a little coffee break with some good news was in order. Right before we closed campus our Starbucks went through a “Food Safe and Clean” inspection, and a “Customer Connection” survey—with grande results! During this time with handwashing becoming the new norm around the country, our crew at Starbucks was already setting the curve for everyone else in their industry. The inspection is rigorous, unannounced, and random. Well, our team at Starbucks whipped up a PERFECT score with no violations or areas for improvement! When the results came out a Starbucks’ corporate manager choked on his double-shot espresso and exclaimed: “WOW, what a great assessment.” Now that news alone is cause for celebration but, our team is full of overachievers and they brewed up a Customer Connection score of 88 and a “Go Above and Beyond” score of 72!! To put that in context, 25-27 is good, 52 is very good, and 88…that’s unheard of. Our own Starbucks leader said that the results are truly amazing and that he’s never seen a score this high before! So, once the campus is back open you’ll all have to run in and give the team over there a grande smile for a job well done. #scSTARBUCKS
Created at 3/24/2020 8:22 AM by Near, Andrew
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