Class / Labs Information

Please contact your instructor for more information or updates.

Course Resumes Online with Face-to-Face Lab on 3/30/2020​

​​​Class ​Instructors
​FIRS 104​ ​D. Lacy
​VOCN 161 ​N. Skaggs, E. Carmena, S. Fitzhugh, Staff

Course Continues Online-
Plan To Postpone Lab Elements Until Summer 2020

As we work to update this list of classes we will post those updates to this page. Please check back often or contact your instructor with specific questions. Thank you for your understanding. ​

​​​Class ​Instructors
AGEH 60 Fall
AGEH-23 L. Waite
AGEH-26 M. Greenwood
AGMA-44 P. Dickerson
AGNR-55 D. Craig
AGNR-56 R. Boontjer
ALH 104 Palmer
AUTO-94 D. Bryant
CONS-148 J. Livingston
CONS-149 T. Mitchell, J. Holcomb
CONS-46 P. Dickerson
CONS-47 J. Livingston
CONS-55A D. Alvord
CONS-55B D. Alvord
CONS-55C D. Alvord
​CONS 94 ​Holcomb
DIES-161 R. Nicholas
DIES-166 R. Nicholas
DIES-170 R. Nicholas
DIES-48 I. Rivas
DIES-49 R. Nicholas/I. Rivas
DIES-94 R. Nicholas
DNTL 24 Henderson, Hughes, Bonnin, Long
DNTL 42 Henderson
​EDUC 1 ​Ambrose
​EDUC 94 ​York
FAID 75 Glaziner, Spangler, ​M. Wilson, D. Fennell, K. Fields
INDE-45 R. Osbrink
INDE-46 R. Osbrink
REGN 15P Bish, Orange, Harper, Staff
REGN 25P Busk, Harper, Staff
REGN 35P Boucher, Nitsche, Harper, Staff
REGN 36P Boucher, Nitsche, Staff
WELD-170 J. Fife
WELD-171 J. Davis
WELD-174 R. Hardin
WELD-175 J. Davis, M. Smith
WELD-178 J. Davis
WELD-182 R. Hardin, J. Fife, M. Smith, J. Davis
WELD-183 M. Smith, J. Davis, J. Fife, R. Hardin
WELD-184 J. Davis, J. Fife, R. Hardin
WELD-186 J. Davis, R. Hardin, M. Smith
WELD-188 J. Davis, R. Hardin, M. Smith, J. Davis
WELD-94 J. Davis


Classes that Have Been Suspended Until Further Notice

​​​Class ​Instructors
HEOC 130 Fitzhugh, Harper
HEOC 131 Reep

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