"Oakey Doaks"

Shasta College Oakey Doaks

He has a very colorful history and was a very exciting figure.

January 14, 1955

Described as "Oakey Doaks" and/or "King Arthur" and built by members of the Motor Knights. 

November 16, 1956

Shasta Knight has been found after being lost for a week. In order to get some school spirit behind a football game, a group of volunteers from American River JC came to Redding and made off with the "Iron Man of the Campus." When the American River students returned to their classes Monday following the game with Shasta there was a Knight in shining armor atop their library with an American River banner draped across his chest. After a week of deliberations and communications between the schools, he was shipped back via Railway Express. 

October 31, 1957

He has been disarmed several times, usually by someone or a few of the youthful congregations over at the high school. More than one of his lances has been replaced. He was once threatened with a shotgun blast through the middle, but his plan was nipped in the bud by the perceptive prevention of some college vigilantes.

Another time he served a very practical purpose for a high school boy who had a car with a ripped fender. This fellow pilfered one of Arthur's arms and used it to repair his car.

Then came a most proud event in the life of the Knight. After waiting three years, he received a pair of pants, thus enabling him to cease hiding his lower portion behind the sign at our entrance. Bill Brazelton, then student body president, was the builder of the pants. It is evident that Arthur is well liked throughout the area as is illustrated by the benevolence of some of our high school neighbors, who recently applied a partial coat of gold paint. 

April 14, 1961

HE NABBED 'EM-A group of vandals from Humbolt State made an attempt to make off with the Knight. However, an alert student policeman, Phil Eoff, threw a "monkey wrench" in the plan. Note the black spot on the Knight's right leg-cutting torch scar.  

November 1, 1963

KNIGHT HOTFOOTED TO MARIN-Invaders used blowtorches to remove the college's mascot from its fell and the premises. 

November 2, 1964

The Shasta College Knight and signboard bid welcome to alumni as the college prepares for its fourteenth annual Homecoming week.

In 1964, for the College of Marin's Homecoming, some Marin hyper-patriotic students came to Shasta about 3 a.m. with a cutting torch and after a few moments of labor the Knight was spirited off to the College of Marin's festivities.

Returned safely, the Knight now stands awaiting its transfer to the new college. 

May 7, 1965

During January 1955, a new symbol came to Shasta College. Shasta had long been known as the Knights but lacked any material object to identify the college as the home of the Knights.

Then the Motor Knights took on the task of remedying the problem, and right after vacation, adorned in shiny armor, stood the bust of a medieval knight complete with a lance.

The Knight stood at the end of the main lawn in the "Y" between the music wing parking lot and the entrance road. Named "Oakey Doaks," after the comic strip character of the same name, the Knight soon became the object of some inter-school rivalry. Some of the mishaps befalling him include unauthorized painting, thievery, and welding beer cans to the end of the lance.

Recently, a full-sized version of the Knight was placed atop a stone pedestal at the main entrance to the college flanked by two large signs proclaiming Shasta College to be the home of the Knights.  

October 20, 1967

It has come to my attention that the Oakey Doaks is not around. You ask, "Who is Oakey Doaks?" Oakey Doaks is the official Shasta College symbol. The Knight, who for many years guarded the Shasta College entrance, proudly displayed Redding as the home of the Knights.

"Oakey" came into being in 1955, compliments of the Motor Knights, a now defunct club. Taking his name from a comic strip character of that time, he started as only a bust with a lance and sat between the old music building and the parking lot. Stolen once, and recovered, it was decided to give "Oakey" a body, legs, and a pedestal-then to place him in front of the college.

Oakey's security was soon breached by a group of ambitious College of Marin students. With a cutting torch and dawn's early light, "Oakey" was spirited off to the College of Marin's festivities. Being returned once more, "Oakey" has many times been painted, tarred and feathered, and beer cans welded to his lance.

Where is Oakey now? 

Fall 1967

Interview with Jack Maraglia (Heavy-Duty Mechanics Instructor), graduated in 1968 from Shasta College:

Vets Club, of which Jack was a member, captured Knight and took him to someone's house.

They had about four or five big parties repairing him and painting him up - and all the time no one knew where the Knight was.

So then we had a big van and brought him down to the homecoming game (1967). We returned him at half time, announced the truck, came driving on the field and we unloaded him and drove off, leaving him right down in front of the grandstand at Thompson Field.

Art (Arthur K.) Thompson: had something to do with stealing the Knight - taught machine shop and heavy-duty mechanics - passed away, retired in 1972. 

October 21, 1969


He was stolen last year by a group of unscrupulous individuals from an inferior and foreign (to Shasta) school. He was then heroically saved by a group of brave students who sneaked into the enemy camp and rescued our poor fellow.

The auto shop then completely rebuilt the knight and prepared him for his station atop the new pedestal erected especially for this purpose by the Campus Veterans Club.

In years past, the Knight has been stolen several times, painted, and been subjected to various degrees of ridicule. This took place despite constant vigilance and filling various portions of his anatomy with cement.

It is hoped that, placed symbolically atop his new perch, thievery will be at least a little more difficult in the future.

The Knight has always formerly stood beside the sign that declares to all the name of our halls of ivy. He has held this position through the ravages of time, weather, and various elements.

He has been important to the members of Shasta because he represents our spirit. He represents the spirit of the academic, cultural, and social experiences of the college and especially the spirit of our athletic teams. 

October 30, 1969


The Knight is home! He returned to Shasta College Monday night, assisted by a group of American River students with a truck. At present our "Iron Man on Campus" (all dressed up in his new coat of paint and new lance given to him by American River) is in the College auto shop waiting to attend the Homecoming game.

"I'll guarantee the Knight will make an appearance for Homecoming, but it is doubtful whether he will be in his regular position," was Mr. George Kutras' statement.

Our borrowed Knight was brought out on the American River turf before last week's game. He was very nicely presented to our yell leaders by a representative group of American River student body.

When next noticed the Knight had the American River "Beavers" dangling from his gleaming lance. Apparently a few of the Shasta rooters were doing a little borrowing of their own.