Shasta College District Safety & Wellness Committee


Committee Purpose:

The District Safety & Wellness Committee is comprised of individuals representing a cross section of the campus community. The Committee’s charge is to evaluate potential health and safety issues communicated by members of the various campus constituencies and to respond to these issues in order to further the primary goal of reducing worker compensation injury claims by providing a safe and healthy environment for students, staff, and general public. In addition, the committee reviews and updates the Injury & Illness Prevention Plan as well as Injury Incident Reports and recommends actions necessary to improve safety standards and training requirements. 

The membership of the committee will be comprised of at minimum faculty, classified, and administration staff. 

Specific Required Activities of the District Safety & Wellness Committee: 

  • Meet at least quarterly
  • Prepare, distribute and maintain written records of the meetings
  • Review results of periodic scheduled workplace inspections
  • Review investigations of occupational accidents and causes of incidents and submit suggestions to prevent future incidents
  • Review reports of hazardous conditions or work practices and assist with remedial actions
  • Review and submit recommendations regarding employee safety suggestions
  • Verify abatement action taken to abate OSHA citations

Specific Goals and Objectives for the Committee:

  • Follow the above requirements listed in the District Injury & Illness Prevention Program. 
  • Develop a formal workplace inspection program to identify hazards and implement corrective action.
  • Create a written and functional Injury and Illness Prevention Program in compliance with applicable OSHA regulations and state law. These procedures shall promote an active and aggressive program to identify and reduce and/or control hazards.  Review and update this plan annually.
  • Update the Districts Emergency Action Plan for employees and students.
  • Review and update the Hazard Communication Program, which includes an inventory of all chemicals on site, instructions for employees and students on the safe handling of such materials, maintaining a copy of all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and proper disposal methods for hazardous materials.
  • Review and update the Districts Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan. Review and update plan annually.
  • Review and update the Chemical Hygiene Plan for Chemistry and Science laboratory facilities.
  • Review and update all other required safety plans as required by OSHA and local regulations.

Committee Members


George Estrada

Director of Physical Plant, Co-Chair


Pamela Carney

Transportation Supervisor, Co-Chair


Denise Axtell

Director of Food Services


Jay Axtell

Equipment Technician


Laura Cyphers Benson        

Assoc. VP of Human Resources


Dave Freeman    

HAZMAT Program Supervisor


Debbie Goodman

College Nurse


Keri Mathews

Physical Plant Staff Secretary


Heather Rossi

Security Officer


Jamie Spielmann

Lead Human Resources Specialist


Philip Clark

Loss Control Consultant (Keenan & Assoc.)