2018-19 Curriculum Committee Membership

Faculty Co-Chair:  Scott Yates

Administrative Co-Chair:  Frank Nigro (non-voting)


  • Division Representation:​
    • Arts, Communication and Social Sciences
      • Fine Arts/Communication: Alan Spivey
      • Social Sciences: James Tate  
    • Business, Ag, Industry, Technology and Safety:
      • ​Ag, Natural Resources, and Industrial Technology: Leimone Waite
      • Business and Technology: Tom Martin
    • Health Sciences:
      • Health Occupations: Roxi Redd
    • Physical Education and Athletics:
      • Physical Education: Mike Davis
      • Family Studies and Consumer Sciences: Susan Westler
    • Science, Language Arts and Mathematics:
      • ​Language Arts: Ben Daw
      • Mathematics: Randy Bush
      • Science: Dan Scollon
  • Library: Cheryl Cruse
  • Counseling and Student Services: Sue Loring
  • Articulation Officer: Carolyn Borg 


​ ​​