Instructional Council

Objectives of Instructional Council
To work consultatively with the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Academic Senate and its committees, to achieve unity in the development, interpretation and implementation of instructional policy and procedures.

  • To provide a forum to enhance administrative consistency and to ensure the
    effectiveness and efficiency of the operation of all instructional divisions.
  • To provide an avenue for internal and external communication and collegial discussion
    of topics of interest to the Instructional Council.
  • To encourage a pro-active approach to initiatives and challenges that provides
    opportunities for the improvement of instruction at Shasta College.
  • To assess and make appropriate recommendations to senior administration and
    College Council regarding matters pertaining to instruction at Shasta College.


  • William Breitbach, Dean, Library Services and Educational Technology
  • Andy Fields, Associate Dean, Extended Education
  • Eva Jimenez, Dean, Economic and Workforce Development
  • Susan Meacham, Microbiology Instructor (Academic Senate)
  • Tim Johnston, Dean of Enrollment Services
  • Kate Mahar, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Mike Mari, Dean, Physical Education and Athletics/ Athletic Director
  • Peggy Moore, Interim Vice President of Instruction
  • Frank Nigro, Dean, Science, Language Arts, and Mathematics
  • Vacant, Dean, Arts, Communications, Consumer and Social Sciences
  • Kathy Royce, Dean, Health Sciences
  • Michael Sloan, Dean, Business, Agriculture, Industry, Technology, and Safety

Administrative Procedure 7210​