Professional Development Funding Request Guidelines

The two types of professional development funding available to all college employees are for individual activities (such as attendance at a conference or workshop) or group training activities (such as an on campus guest speaker or webinar).

Individual Activities may be funded up to the following limits per fiscal year per employee (subject to the availability of funds), as follows:

​Employee Status ​Initial Funding
​Additional Funding for Presenting
at an Approved Conference
Full-Time ​$500 ​$300
​Part-Time ​$150 ​$100

Group Training Activities
are also subject to the availability of funds and are evaluated based upon overall campus impact with funding levels as follows:
​Funding per Fiscal Year for Group Training Activities​
​Aggregate funding for all group training activities. ​     $10,000                         
All professional development activities must support one or more of Shasta College's Institutional Goals or Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs), and/or the recommendations of the Student Success Act, and/or the goals outlined in the college's planning documents.  These criteria are described on page 2 of the Application for Professional Development Funding form which may be obtained on the PD Forms web page.

Applications requesting funding must be submitted at least 5 business days in advance of the activity to allow for PDC approval and verification of available funds.  Timelines and required paperwork are specified on the Professional Development Funding Application form.

A flowchart titled Professional Development Committee - Requests for Funding can be accessed via the following link:  FLOWCHART