You work with them every day. Their smile and positive attitude is contagious and when you have that question no one else can answer, the problem that needs a different spin or fresh perspective, you know immediately who to turn to. They are your co-workers in the Classified ranks, your peers, your friends, and the STaR (Super Talented and Remarkable) Awards are your chance to let them know how valued they are.

Before you jump into the nomination form, we want to share a few notes about this years process.  We have changed the format and want to share the wonderful news.  There are still four awards, however the categories have changed.  Here are the new categories:
  • Classified Employee of the Year
  • Outstanding Service Area Award -- Administrative Services
  • Outstanding Service Area Award -- Instructional Services
  • Outstanding Service Area Award -- Student Services
Not sure which service area your nominee works in.  No problem! We have a page to help you.  We are sure you are ready to start nominating, so without further waiting, here are the forms:

Classified ​Employee of the Year 
Outstanding Service Area

Nominations MUST be submitted to Jennie Dougherty no later than 5 pm on Thursday, March, 22, 2018.

Nomination forms are fillable PDFs, please download, input and email to Jennie​ or send via campus mail.

Questions? Please contact Jennie Dougherty in the President's Office, 530-242-7513 ​