Student Success Committee Members 

Student Success Committee Membership as of 9/27/2018



John Yu, Dean of Student Services

Jim Crooks, English Instructor


Sharon Brisolara -- Administrator from Extended Education

James Crandall -- Administrator from Information Technology

Cherish Padro -- Administrator from Instruction

John Yu -- Administrator from Student Services

Rochelle Morris -- Classified Member from Student Services

Heather Wylie -- Faculty Member from Arts, Communications and Social Sciences

Dan Bryant -- Faculty Member from Business, Agriculture, Industry, Technology and Safety

Sonia Randhawa – Faculty Member from Counseling

Brian Spillane -- Faculty Member from Counseling

Jim Crooks -- Faculty Member from English Department

Kari Aranbul -- Faculty Member from Health Sciences

Susan Sawyer -- Faculty Member from Pathways and Learning Support

Cheryl Cruse -- Librarian

Vacant -- Faculty Member from Math Department

Vacant -- Faculty Member from Physical Education and Athletics

Vacant -- Student Representative