Student Equity Advisory Committee  

      1. Purpose of the Student Equity Advisory Committee

The mission of the Student Equity Advisory Committee is to help the College achieve the student equity goals set in the Chancellor's Vision for Success by working to reduce access and achievement gaps if there are any, creating a culturally responsive, welcoming environment, and embedding equity mindedness and a commitment to inclusion throughout Shasta College.

The Shasta College Student Equity Advisory Committee is an advisory committee to the College's Student Success Committee and provides recommendations to it regarding the strategies, actions, and outcomes designed to ensure student equity for students who are disadvantaged/underrepresented because of 1)race/ethnicity, 2)sex or gender, 3)age, 4)ability, 5)foster youth status, 6)veteran's status, 7)income. 8)gender identity and/or sexual orientation, or 9)homeless status.


in our work, we are guided by the following values:



Student Support and Success


     2. Scope and Function of the Student Equity Advisory Committee

    The Student Equity Advisory Committee will:

    Make recommendations on support, facilitation, monitoring, and evaluation of the District's Student Equity efforts including the Integrated Plan.

    Collaborate with campus student success initiatives and campus student support programs including the Student Equity Achievement Program (EAP) under the Integrated Plan.

    Work with the College Research and Institution Effectiveness Office to collect and analyze data regarding the current academic access and success of students in the District who have been underrepresented or are in populations experiencing disproportionate impact.

    Work with the College Research and Institution Effectiveness Office to collect input from students, classified staff, faculty, administrators, and the public in order to identify factors that affect student equity.

    Disseminate information about Student Equity goals and activities to students. staff, faculty, administrators, and community members.

    Make recommendations to the Student Success Committee on the implementation of SE portion of the SEA program.


         3. Membership and Member Selection

      The committee will consist of at least 11 members:
      2-3 Administrators
      3-4 Faculty Members
      2-3 Classified Members
      1-2 Students
      1-3 At-Large Members

      The first co-chair will be an administrator appointed by the VP of Student Services. The second co-chair will be selected by the entire committee from among

                         Equity Committee Membership

      Zhanjing (John) Yu, Ph.D., PE (Chair) - Interim Dean of Student Services
      Nadia Elwood - CalWORKS Program Coordinator 
      David Pearl 
      Full-Time Faculty - ACSS Division
      James Tate Full-Time Faculty - ACSS Division Instructor
      Valerie Ambrose Full-Time Faculty - SLAM Division Instructor
      Cindy Silva - Student Services Specialist - Admissions/Financial Aid
      Myriam Kalmogho - Student Services Specialist
      Janette Brockmann, Student Success Facilitator

      Celeste Draisner - Student Senate Representative
      Community Members
      Eddie McAllister- Community Organizer and SCOACHE Member
      Elizabeth Wilson- Shasta Union High School District
      Lena Baker - Full-Time Faculty - SLAM Division Instructor
       Amber Perez - College to Career Project Director