Student Equity Committee  

Purpose of the Student Equity Committee
The current Student Equity Com​mittee is comprised of a district wide steering committee which is representative of faculty, staff, students and community members. The Student Equity Committee provides overall direction of the efforts and implementation o​f the Student Equity Plan. A report will be provided annually to campus groups as well as local and state partners regarding the progress and status of the equity report for the current academic school year.  Please click here for the Student Equity Committee Bylaws​​. ​
For additional information please refer to the Office of Student Equity and Inclusion: StudentEquity​

                   ​Equity Committee Members​hip​

Sharon Brisolara, Ph.D. (Chair) - Associate Dean of Access and Equity
Nadia Elwood (Co-Chair) - CalWORKS Program Coordinator 
Henry Sanchez - Counselor for students with disabilities/Foster Youth Counselor
David Pearl 
Full Time Faculty - ACSS Division
James Tate Full Time Faculty - ACSS Division Instructor
Valerie Ambrose Full Time Faculty - SLAM Division Instructor
Cindy Silva - Admissions & Records Technician
Myriam Kalmogho - EOPS/CARE Program Coordinator

Katherine Gross - Student Senate Representative
Community Members
Eddie McAllister- Community Organizer and SCOACHE Member
Paula Percy - Community Member - Shasta County Public Health
Lena Baker - Full Time Faculty - SLAM Division Instructor
Amber Perez - College to Career Project Director 
Elizabeth Wilson - Shasta Union High School District
Philosophy of the Student Equity Plan
The Shasta College Student Equity Plan reflects the District's commitment and practice in providing all members of the college community an environment where faculty, staff and students can learn, work and interact with each other in a supportive and collegial manner. The five identified student equity categories and subsequent outcomes were created in a collaborative manner in conversation with constituent groups representing a broad section of the campus community and with local community input. Barriers were identified and activities to address them were developed. The District has identified student equity as a high priority and the established goals and intended outcomes reflect this commitment.