The committee will have Members-at-Large, which will be open to an undesignated number of people with at least two CSEA members, two students and two faculty members with a maximum of 30 people.

The Sustainability Committee Executive Board is comprised of the following nine (9) voting members and one (1) ex-officio member:


Joe Wyse, Co-Chair (Shasta College Superintendent)

Randy Reed, Co-Chair (Faculty- Earth Sciences)

SheyeAnne Bailey, Web lead (Staff- ITV)

Scott Thompson, Events lead (Shasta College Foundation)

George Estrada, Planning lead (Director- Physical Plant)

Sara McCurry, Sustainability club lead, (Faculty- English)

Denise Axtell, Sustainability club co-lead, (Director-Food Services)

Tim Heisler, Community relations lead (Staff- Physical Plant)

Dan Scollon (Faculty- Geography/GIS)

Casey Schurig (Faculty- Business)

Dan Haskins, (Associate Dean- CTE)

Morgan Hannaford (Faculty- Life Sciences)

Steven Reeves (Staff- IT and Networking)