Technology Planning Committee Home

Welcome to the Shasta College Technology Planning website.  The intent of this site is to keep the campus community informed of the technology planning process.

Technology planning is an integral component at Shasta College.  The formalization of district technology planning is designed to make the process more visible and inclusive by ensuring broad participation.  The district’s formal Technology Plan will define the direction of district technology, ensure that all stakeholders are represented, define the decision making process, and document the district’s technology needs as part of the Strategic Plan.

The Technology Planning Task Force is coordinated by the Associate Vice President, Information Services & Technology, and is responsible for both the oversight of the process and for the creation of the Technology Plan.  It is comprised of selected members from ad hoc committees that represent campus departments and district interests. Their findings and recommendations are reported directly to the President's Cabinet.  The goal of the task force is to produce a three-year technology plan for the District with annual reviews and updates.

View the 2007-2010 Technology Plan  -
   Approved by College Council May 6, 2008