The Role of the Program Review Committee

The Program Review Committee (PRC) regularly reviews all academic programs offered by the district.  The scope and function of the committee is specified in Administrative Policy 4020 (AP 4020).  All programs are reviewed every two years, and all programs come before the PRC every other cycle (thus, every four years).  The PRC reports to College Council.


As specified by AP 4020, the PRC has 6 members:  2 deans and 4 faculty.  

2016-17 PRC membership:

  • Dean/chair from primarily transfer area:  Stacey Bartlett
  • Dean from primarily CTE area:  Ioanna (Yanna) Iatridis 
  • Faculty from CTE area:  Ron Marley (Fall 2018-Fall 2020)
  • Faculty from transfer area:  Crystal Hilton (Fall 2019-Fall 2021)​
  • Faculty from Student Services:  Rob McCandless (Spring 2018-Spring 2020)
  • Faculty from Academic Senate:  Chuck Spotts (Fall 2018-Fall 2020)
  • Non-Voting Member from Student Services:  Dr. Zhanjing (John) Yu

Operational Materials