Upcoming Comprehensive External Evaluation Visit
Shasta College will be having a Comprehensive External Evaluation Visit by the ACCJC in Fall 2017. As part of the evaluation visit, the Accreditation Steering Committee is working with constituent groups to prepare the Institutional Self Evaluation. The tentative timeline for the visit and associated activities is as follows:
  • Fall 2016/Spring 2017 – Constituent groups prepare and receive feedback on the Institutional Self Evaluation.
  • April 2017 – Institutional Self Evaluation submitted to Academic Senate
  • June 2017 – Institutional Self Evaluation submitted to Governing Board
  • July 2017 – Institutional Self Evaluation is submitted to ACCJC
  • Fall 2017 – Comprehensive External Evaluation visit
 The review process includes the opportunity for submission of third-party comments directly to ACCJC.
 As part of our ongoing efforts to keep our students, community, faculty and staff informed of the latest news with regard to Shasta College's accreditation, periodic issues of this newsletter will be published.  In it you will find reports of our progress to date; a timeline going forward of our integrated planning tasks and future College Council actions; interesting facts about community colleges; recent developments at the Accrediting Commisssion for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC); and other fun facts.  We hope you enjoy this inaugural issue--there are more to come!


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