​Board of Trustees Meeting Agendas

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01-20-2010 Board Policy Committee.pdf01-20-2010 Board Policy Committee
01-20-2010 Regular Board Agenda.pdf01-20-2010 Regular Board Agenda
02-10-2010 Ad Hoc Committee Re Review of Board Policies.pdf02-10-2010 Ad Hoc Committee Re Review of Board Policies
02-10-2010 Policy Committee.pdf02-10-2010 Policy Committee
02-10-2010 Regular Board Agenda.pdf02-10-2010 Regular Board Agenda
02-24-2010 Special Board Agenda.pdf02-24-2010 Special Board Agenda
03-10-2010 Capital Outlay Agenda.pdf03-10-2010 Capital Outlay Agenda
03-10-2010 Policy Committee.pdf03-10-2010 Policy Committee
03-10-2010 Regular Board Agenda.pdf03-10-2010 Regular Board Agenda
03-10-2010 Special Board Agenda 4PM.pdf03-10-2010 Special Board Agenda 4PM
03-10-2010 Special Board Agenda 6PM.pdf03-10-2010 Special Board Agenda 6PM
04-14-2010 Board Meeting Packet.pdf04-14-2010 Board Meeting Packet
05-12-2010 Board Meeting Packet.pdf05-12-2010 Board Meeting Packet
06-09-2010 Board Meeting Packet.pdf06-09-2010 Board Meeting Packet
07-14-2010 Board Meeting Packet.pdf07-14-2010 Board Meeting Packet
08-18-2010 Board Meeting Packet.pdf08-18-2010 Board Meeting Packet
08-28-2010 Board Retreat Agenda.pdf08-28-2010 Board Retreat Agenda
09-08-2010 Board Agenda Packet SEARCHABLE.pdf09-08-2010 Board Agenda Packet SEARCHABLE
09-08-2010 Board Agenda Packet.pdf09-08-2010 Board Agenda Packet
10-13-2010 Board Agenda Packet SEARCHABLE.pdf10-13-2010 Board Agenda Packet SEARCHABLE
10-13-2010 Board Agenda Packet.pdf10-13-2010 Board Agenda Packet
11-06-2010 Board Workshop (CEO Search _26 Accreditation).pdf11-06-2010 Board Workshop (CEO Search _26 Accreditation)
11-06-2010 Board Workshop Power Point Presentation.pdf11-06-2010 Board Workshop Power Point Presentation
11-10-2010 Board Agenda Packet SEARCHABLE.pdf11-10-2010 Board Agenda Packet SEARCHABLE
11-10-2010 Board Agenda Packet.pdf11-10-2010 Board Agenda Packet
12-08-2010 Board Agenda Packet SEARCHABLE.pdf12-08-2010 Board Agenda Packet SEARCHABLE
12-08-2010 Board Agenda Packet.pdf12-08-2010 Board Agenda Packet
12-20-2010 Board Agenda Special Meeting.pdf12-20-2010 Board Agenda Special Meeting