Rhonda E. Nehr
Trustee Area D 

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Rhonda Nehr was appointed as Trustee of Area D on July, 10, 2013, and ran unopposed in the 2014 election.  A graduate of Anderson Union High School and Shasta College, she continued her career training by graduating from the California Highway Patrol Academy and accepting an assignment in the South Los Angeles Area office.  Rhonda was employed by Shasta College from 1993 to 2010 when she retired from her post as Chief/Supervisor of Campus Safety.  From 2010-2012, she was an adjunct instructor in Shasta College's Administration of Justice program.    

Current Term of Office
 December 2, 2016 - December 4, 2020

Area D Details

01-13 Area D Map for BIO 


Description by School District:  Bella Vista Elementary, Enterprise Elementary*, Fall River Joint Unified (contains a portion of Lassen & Modoc Counties), Gateway Unified***, Indian Springs Elementary, Junction Elementary, Millville Elementary, Mountain Union Elementary, North Cow Creek Elementary, Oak Run Elementary, Whitmore Union Elementary (*shared with Trustee Area C, as follows: Trustee Area D contains those portions of Enterprise School District in Precincts 68, 440, 441, 442, and 467; Trustee Area C contains all of Enterprise School District not included in Trustee Area D)(***shared with Trustee Area E, as follows: Trustee Area D contains (1) that portion of Gateway Unified School District to the east of I-5 with the exception of Precincts 360, 1004  and 1005, (2)  that portion to the west of I-5 comprised of Precinct 90 (formerly Bass School District), and (3) that portion of Precinct R-31 to the east of I-5 and Hwy. 273; Trustee Area E contains all of Gateway Unified School District with the exception of those portions of the school district contained in Trustee Area D)