Patrick W. Carr
Trustee Area B


Patrick W. Carr was provisionally appointed to the Governing Board in July 2017.  Mr. Carr is an advocate for community colleges and higher education, having earned his Bachelor of Arts from Santa Clara University and his Master of Economics from Washington State University.  Retired from the California Department of Transportation, Mr. Carr has held leadership positions with various charitable and non-profit organizations including Lassen Park Foundation and the Santa Clara University 2004-2005 National Alumni Board.


Current Term of Office
July 12, 2017 - December 7, 2018

Area B Details
01-13 Area B Map for BIO 

Description by School District:  Cascade Union Elementary, Cottonwood Union Elementary*, Happy ValleyUnion Elementary, Pacheco Union Elementary (*shared with Trustee Area G, as follows:  Trustee Area B contains all of Cottonwood Union Elementary School District to the east of I-5 and those portions to the west of I-5 contained in Precincts 340 (West Cottonwood 1), 341 (West Cottonwood 2), 620 (Olinda), 932 (Sheldon), and 060 (Anderson 6); Trustee Area G contains all of Cottonwood Union Elementary School District not contained in Trustee Area B)