Rayola B. Pratt
Trustee Area E

01-13 Rayola Pratt BIO Photo 

Rayola Pratt has served as a Governing Board member since 1999, and has been an Executive Committee member of the Shasta College Foundation since 2000.  Rayola is active with several community organizations in both Shasta and Trinity Counties.  Rayola attended Shasta College and Chico State University where she completed numerous upper division courses, including extension courses from the University of California at Davis and Berkeley.  Rayola is a retired Executive Director of the American Heart Association, and a past Fundraising Director of the American Cancer Society.  She worked for the Carter House Natural Science Museum in Redding as project coordinator, as well as for the Shasta Union High School District, Gateway Unified School District, and Shasta Elementary School District.  Rayola's business experience from her tenure at two large corporations, her family-owned construction company, and her own consulting and design firm has provided a solid background for effective trusteeship. 

Current Term of Office
December 2, 2016 - December 4, 2020

Area E Details
01-13 Area E Map for BIO

Description by School District:  Burnt Ranch Elementary (contains a portion of Humboldt County), Coffee Creek Elementary, Cox Bar Elementary, Douglas City Elementary, French Gulch-Whiskeytown Elementary, Gateway Unified*, Junction City Elementary, Lewiston Elementary, Mountain Valley Unified, Shasta Union Elementary, Southern Trinity Joint Unified, Trinity Center Elementary, Weaverville Elementary (*shared with Trustee Area D, as follows:  Trustee Area D contains (1) that portion of Gateway Unified School District to the east of I-5 with the exception of Precincts 360, 1004  and 1005, (2)  that portion to the west of I-5 comprised of Precinct 90 (formerly Bass School District), and (3) that portion of Precinct R-31 to the east of I-5 and Hwy. 273; Trustee Area E contains all of Gateway Unified School District with the exception of those portions of the school district contained in Trustee Area D)