Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

Board Policies have been adopted by the Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint Community College District to serve as a guide for District operations, and can be changed only through official Board action.  Administrative Procedures have been developed to provide for implementation of the policies adopted by the Board of Trustees, and do not require action by the Governing Board when changed.  Proposals regarding Board Policies and Administrative Procedures may originate through any of several sources: a taxpayer, an employee or an employee organization, a student or student organization, a member of the Governing Board, the District Superintendent/ President, a consultant, a civic group, etc.  For complete guidelines regarding the adoption of new policies/procedures, or amendments thereto, please see Board Policy and Administrative Procedure 2410 - Policy and Administrative Procedures.

The Board Policies document is bookmarked for ease of use, and links have been coded from the Contents pages to each individual Board Policy.  Policies having a corresponding Administrative Procedure have been duly indicated.  This document is also searchable, so if you're not sure which Board Policy contains the information you're looking for, you can perform a search by clicking on Edit / Find, and typing in some key words.


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Board Policies
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Please Note: 
Not all Board Policies have a corresponding Administrative Procedure, and conversely, not all Administrative Procedures have an associated Board Policy.