Research & Planning Tools


TracDat Resource Center

This link will provide all the information that you need to access the TracDat Resource Center including:
  • Start Here – TracDat online user manual
  • TracDat Login – Takes you to the TracDat Login page
  • TracDat User Manual – PDF version of TracDat user manual
  • Tableau 17-18 Planning Data – Including planning data such as CCCCO Program Awards, Courses, Success/Retention, Demographic, etc.  Equity data and impact reports are also embedded within each table.


Planning Documents

This link will take you to key college-wide Planning Documents including: 
  • Integrated Planning Manual - 2017 Edition
  • Participatory Governance Manual – 2017 Edition
  • Educational Master Plan 2012-2030
  • Facilities Master Plan 2014-2030
  • Strategic Plan 2015-2018
  • Enrollment Management Plan 2014-2017
  • Learning Outcomes Handbook (Rev. 12/21/12)
  • Annual Area Plan Initiative Data
  • Fall 2016 Faculty & Staff Climate Survey Results