Excellent Educator of the Year

Here at Shasta College, we believe in recognizing and honoring our teachers because we know that great teaching lasts a lifetime.  Every May, all Shasta College employees are invited to a Teacher Appreciation Celebration event that acknowledges the contributions of ALL faculty members and their commitment to student success.  Additionally, the faculty members nominated by the Faculty Senate to be the Excellent Educators of the Year are formally recognized.  At this event, an Appreciation Board is displayed that includes many Thank You notes from students who have taken the time to write a note of appreciation to one or more of their faculty members.  This is a fun event and we hope to see you there!


​​2017 Full-Time
Excellent Educator
2017 Part-Time
Excellent Educator​
​Sonny Stupek
Athletics Instructor
Michael Trujillo
Communication Instructor


Click here for our Academic Senate page, which houses the nomination forms for our next Educator of the Year.


Previous Excellent Educators of the Year

  Educator of the Year 
​2015/2016 Carolyn Salus-Singh (FT)
Nancy Hickson (PT)
​2014/2015 ​Terrie Snow (FT)
Melinda Kashuba (PT)
​2013/2014 ​Heather Wylie (FT)
Kylee Duran-Cox (PT)
​2012/2013 ​​Bethany Schaarschmidt
2011/2012 ​Carolyn Borg
2010/2011 Robb Lightfoot
2009/2010 Robert Bittner
2008/2009 Divan Fard
2007/2008 Elizabeth Waterbury
2006/2007 Michel Small
Frank Nigro
Leimone Waite
Pamela Spoto
Joan Bosworth
Dave Bush
Dorothy Arel
Pete Petersen
Carol Rupe
Jim McMurdo
1996/1997 Jim Middleton
1995/1996 Ken Cooney
1994/1995 Joe Polen
Previous Educators of the Year


Hayward Award Recipients

2011/2012 ​Carolyn Borg
2008/2009 Elizabeth Waterbury
2006/2007 Frank Nigro
Hayward Award Recipients