Faculty Excellence Committee

Professional Development

The mission of the Shasta College Faculty Excellence Committee is to promote, improve, and sustain the professional growth of faculty for the benefit of students and in order to assist the College in meeting its goals.
The Faculty Excellence Committee is a standing subcommittee of the Academic Senate.  The FEC (made up of faculty representatives) establishes policies and procedures for faculty professional development, conducts needs assessments, establishes a schedule of professional development activities, and conducts program evaluations.  The FEC also communicates opportunities with the faculty and solicits their input for program improvement.

The Faculty Excellence Program is one component of the Professional Development Program at Shasta College. The purpose of the Faculty Excellence Program is to provide time for faculty to participate in professional development (PD) activities that are related to personal improvement, student improvement, and instructional improvement.  


At Shasta College this is an opportunity for faculty to pursue projects that will benefit students and improve their own teaching, to meet with colleagues for wide ranging discussions about teaching and learning and generally, to move the college toward excellence. 

For more information see the resources listed below.

FEC Bylaws 02-2015.pdfFEC Bylaws 02-2015.pdf

Faculty Excellence Handbook 03-2015.pdfFaculty Excellence Handbook 03-2015.pdf

FAQ  03-2015.pdfFAQ 03-2015.pdf

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FEC Workshop Proposal 02-2015.docxFEC Workshop Proposal 02-2015.docx

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2017.10.02 Approved Faculty-Initiated Projects.pdfApproved Faculty-Initiated Projects.pdf


​ FEC Minutes and Agenda