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By clicking on the link above, you will gain access to tips that are meant to help ensure student success in online/hybrid classes by providing examples of how to maintain regular, effective, and substantive contact.
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A message from Canvas Tech Support:
Welcome to Team OEI!​


Kait Jacobs
Cade Wilder

What is Team OEI? Team OEI is Kait Jacobs and Cade Wilder (yes, we realize our names are basically the same). This is the new Canvas Customer Success Team for all participating OEI schools. Kait and Cade will work together to make the California Community College’s experience with Canvas as successful as possible! 

So What’s Changing? Just like before, each school will have a designated Customer Success Manager (Cade or Kait) for your recurring phone calls. However, while phone calls will be managed individually, all emails will be managed by both Kait and Cade. Starting today we have a new email address….

Why Team OEI?

  • Communication -  Through a shared email address our responses will be more efficient and we will be collaborating on difficult issues. Kait and Cade also meet weekly with the Tech Center. We participate in the monthly CCMS Committee meetings. Our hope is that through Team OEI we will be able to streamline communication and make sure all relevant information is being shared with all OEI institutions.
  • Advocacy - Advocating for a school is good. Advocating for a whole system is great. Through team OEI we will be able to identify common needs and recurring themes among all of the California Community Colleges.
  • Best Practices- We hope that by better understanding the unique needs, processes and requests of the OEI, we will be better prepared to help you discover and implement best practices.

Welcome to the Team! We are very excited to be working with all of you.

Questions, Concerns, Feedback? Let us know at

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CCC ConferZoom is a service for the administrators, staff and faculty of the California Community colleges system.

Sign up now It's free to anyone with a California Community College email address​!

Zoom is funded by a grant from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. 

Upcoming Workshops:
Webinars are offered through CCC ConferZoom. You can click the link ahead of time and download the ​applet to your browser.

Need help now? You are welcome to set up a one-on-one appointment with Paul and Brianne.  If you would like an appointment or to suggest workshops send an email to:

Setting the Stage for Online Success
​These suggestions will assist students as they launch into your course:
  • Incorporate the Canvas Student Orientation into your first week's activities.
  • Show students the link to the skills for Online Success link in your course menu.
  • Create video messages to start the course or each module.
  • Include a syllabus quiz in the first week activities to help ensure student understanding of the course content.
If you are interested in including any of these in your course(s) but are not sure how, contact Paul and Brianne.