Enroll & Register for Courses

The process to enroll in distance education courses at Shasta College is the same as face-to-face classes. You will need to register using MyShasta, Shasta College' Online Registration System.

(Note: if you do not get an email, you may not have the correct email on file with Shasta College's Admissions and Records. You can reach them at: 530-242-7650)​


It's easy to register at Shasta College, here’s how: 


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If you are not a current student, you need to fill out the Application for Admissions to Shasta Coll​ege:


Choose your class(es) from the Course Offerings within MyShasta.


​Register for your class(es) in MyShasta.


You may want to take note of any additional information or requirements for your course.

Look in the Schedule of Classes for on-campus meetings or other specific instructions, like emailing the instructor directly prior to the first day of class.