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Special Thanks & Acknowledgement
So, first, I would like to thank the folks at UC Riverside and especially Nancy Tubbs for the organization of this important landmark event. I did not know that, going into this, that this represents the 1st CCC LGBTQ+ Summit. I know that, somehow, Nancy was able to work miracles and move mountains to pull this off. 

As an aside, but, also an indication of the need for such a summit, the expected pre-enrollment attendance numbers were 200; over 330 participants showed up. Not bad for a first-time event on a holiday weekend... (Nancy indicated that the reason this was held on Armistice Day and coordinated with Veterans' Day Weekend is because of the availability of space large enough to accommodate this summit). With that number of unexpected attendees, one would have expected chaos; but, instead, with only some delay, Nancy and her group were able to register those drop-ins. 

I will also state that I was really impressed\moved by the number of Student Participants at the conference. I do not know or fathom to guess how many colleges had student representatives in attendance. I always say if a college is interested in knowing how best to serve the students - ask the students. Many of the students had t-shirts\sweaters with the college name and some variation of rainbow designs, "LGBTQ+" so forth on them. These are brilliant, articulate students providing amazing insight in the issues that they deal with every day with great ideas as to how to improve their college experience. 

A Grand Photo Op

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CCC + LGBTQ Summit 2017, RIverside, CA

Pictured from Left to Right: just kidding...
That's me and my husband, Marc in the middle there.

Open Plenary

(L-R) Rhonda Mohr (Chancellor's Office), Dolores Davison (Academic Senate), and Courtney Cooper (Student Senate), & Michael Paul (not shown) opened the show with some really inspiring words. 

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These amazing speakers had the task of opening the Summit and had the additional task of filling in for Assembly​member Eloise Gomez-Reyes who was unable to attend and she got called away to the UN Climate Change Summit in Bonn, Germany; also a relatively important summit. They spoke on the state of resources and support for LGBTQ+ people at CCC.

The Opening Plenary discussed the current state of support and resources for LGBTQ people on Californian Community College campuses. The discussion focused on AB 1018 which adds LGBTQ+ students to campus equity plans in the CCC system. 
There was also a Panel Discussion that welcomed Participants to offer input and an intimate Q&A session during the provided l

One comment: if Courtney Cooper represents the potential and energy of the CCC Student Body, Hope has returned to the Great State of California. Such a dynamic​ and brilliant young person. 

The Bay Area Reporter recently covered the possible implications of AB 1018, as well as the CCC + LGBTQ Summit.