Jennifer Hidalgo and kids

“The support that CARE provides has helped make my education and future goals possible.  Thank you!”




"The assistance, support and friendship from CARE has brought me to a more confident place. The financial assistance, workshops, and comradery CARE has been,​ and still is, is an integral part of my education process."


 Monique Christy

“This program has helped me with books and supplies to help me get through college.  Without this program, it would be hard to go to college.”



 Phillip and Joseph

“As a first time college student, the CARE program has supported and provided me with many services.  Without CARE, I’m not sure if I will be able to reach my educational goal.



                  Lisa Shelley and Family     

"Going back to school is the best decision I could have made for our future. The support the CARE program gives help to make this dream a reality. My kids love that mom is going to school and I love the example that I’m setting for them.”