CARE Students in GOOD STANDING whose book needs exceeds the EOPS Book Voucher amount may request for additional assistance through CARE.  Follow the procedure below:

  1. Print a list of your required textbooks from the Shasta College Bookstore website.
  2. Review to see if the EOPS Book Voucher is enough to cover ALL your required textbooks
    • If it is, you can use your EOPS book voucher at the book store.  Books purchased are yours to keep.  You may choose to donate it to the EOPS Lending Library at the end of the semester.
    • If it is NOT enough to cover your books, follow the steps below:
      • Borrow up to two of your books from the EOPS/CARE Lending Library, if available
      • Use your EOPS Book Voucher to purchase your books (books you'd want to keep)
      • Submit a Request for Textbook Assistance Form to the CARE Coordinator
      • The CARE Coordinator will contact you within 1-2 days after receipt of request