Existing Student to CalWORKs Work Study

Have you signed the Student Responsibility AgreementWe all can agree that it is a tough job market.  By reading and signing the agreement you acknowledge that you will take your job search and our efforts to assist you seriously and professionally.  : )  Every CalWORKs Work Study student needs to have a signed copy of the Student Responsibility Agreement on file.

CalWORKs Work Study Forms

Signed copies of the CalWORKs Work Study Invoice and Performance Evaluation must be received by Shasta College CalWORKs by the fifth of the following month.

Send Monthly Invoices / Reimbursement Request & Performance Evaluations

Student Services for CalWORKs Work Study Students

  • Cover letter, resume and thank you letter preparation assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • Job search assistance
  • Employment issues assistance
  • Job readiness and soft skills training 

CalWORKs Work Study Contact

Hilly Wallis
CalWORKs Work Study Technician
Physical: 1400 Market Street, Room 8116
Mailing: P.O. Box 496006, Redding, CA  96049-6006
Office: 530-242-7744
Fax: 530-225-3910
Email: hwallis@shastacollege.edu

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