Supplemental Support Elements 

 Books and Supplies

  • Campus CalWORKs may be able to support school related books and supplies if the books or supplies you are requesting are "unsupported" by your County CalWORKs department.

  • Types of books and supplies that may be supported by Campus CalWORKs

    • Reimbursement for books you purchased before your County agreed to support your education, if your County denies reimbursement.

    • Books listed as "recommended" by your instructors. They must be books for courses on your Education Plan.

    • General school supplies above and beyond what has already been supported by your County.

    • If you are Exempt from participating in Welfare to Work activities Campus CalWORKs may be able to provide required and recommended books.

 Print Vouchers 

  • Campus CalWORKs can provide you with print vouchers so you can print and photocopy school or CalWORKs related materials for FREE.
  • See the Printing and Copying Resource Grid for places on campus that provide printing and copying.
  • To request a voucher contact Hilly Wallis at 242-7749 or

Gas Cards

  • Availability of gas cards from Campus CalWORKs is limited and may not always be available.
  • Gas cards are available to CalWORKs students who are attending face-to-face classes or must travel  to a computer for an online class. 
  • Gas cards are counted as part of your Financial Aid. Usually this is not an issue for CalWORKs students because they have a high Expected Family Contribution (EFC). We will confirm you have remaining EFC before providing you with a gas card.
  • If you are an EOPS/CARE student already receiving supplemental gas cards you won't be eligible for additional gas cards.
  • One of the below, must be true to be eligible for a gas card.
    1. You have been deemed not eligible by your County for travel reimbursement.  
    2. You ride-share or carpool and the driver has requested gas money for providing you with a ride.
    3. Your County only provides travel reimbursement at the end of each month and you need help with gas to make it through your first month of a semester.

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