Student Educational Contract


Each student receiving DSPS services will complete a Student Educational Contract (SEC). This Student Educational Contract will be generated through consultation with a DSPS counselor. Students are responsible for submitting a Student Educational Plan by the end of their second semester of receiving DSPS services. The Student Educational Plan may be constructed with any Shasta College counselor. Only a DSPS counselor can complete the SEC. The SEC should be updated annually and include the following components:

  • An outline of the specific instructional and educational goals of the student, along with a description of the activities and and objectives needed to achieve these goals;
  • A measurement of the student's progress in completing the objectives and activities leading to achievement of their goals;
  • A list of services to be provided to the student to accommodate their disability-related educational limitation.


Education Code Sections 67310, 84850; Title 5, Sections 56000 et. seq.;
Section 504 Rehabilitation Act of 1973; Title 2, Americans with Disabilities
Act Title III-4.2300